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Spencers Farm, Maidenhead

Our proposals

Spencers Farm, Maidenhead

While awaiting the adoption of the Local Plan, which is not anticipated before the end of 2018, IM Land are reviewing proposals for the Spencer’s Farm site taking into account feedback from the public. Further details will be posted on this page as the scheme evolves.

The original proposals presented in November 2017 included:

• Up to 500 new homes with approximately 30% affordable housing (including shared ownership and social rented housing)

• A range of house types including 1 and 2-bedroom apartments and 3, 4 and 5-bedroom family housing

• New public open space which will benefit the existing community and the residents of Spencer’s Farm

• Retaining existing sporting provision, the football club will be retained on the site with opportunities for improving facilities being explored

• The creation of new wildlife habitats which will result in a new gain for wildlife.

Draft Local Plan requirements

The draft policies within the Local Plan state that any proposals for Spencer’s Farm must:

• Provide educational provision

• Retain the existing football pitch and provide changing facilities

• Consider providing a junior football pitch

• Provide appropriate edge treatment and transition to the countryside

• Provide connectivity to the public rights of way network

• Provide appropriate mitigation measures to address the impacts of noise from the railway line so to protect residential amenity.


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